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Your Trusted Car Detailing Shop in Calgary

General wear and tear to your vehicle happens every day for many reasons, such as bad weather and debris on the road. Over time, the luster of your car, both inside and outside, fades, and damage becomes apparent. Head to Super Shine Auto Detailing Center & Carwash, your trusted car detailing shop in Calgary, to restore your vehicle to its showroom shine.

Maintaining your car’s interior and exterior is easy with our flexible car care packages, so you can give your vehicle the proper attention and thorough cleaning it deserves. Bring your car in or request a shuttle service for professional detailing or car washing in Calgary today. See our main list of services below and book your appointment today.

Even the smallest detail can have a major impact on your prized possession. Trust our auto care professionals to get your car restored to its original glory with auto detailing and washing services. Our detailing includes hand washing, power vacuuming, pressure washing, paint sealant, leather conditioning, steam cleaning, and interior deodorizing. Detailing slows your car’s depreciation rate and preserves its value by undoing the impacts of road hazards, general wear and tear, and mileage.

Are you troubled about your car looking dull and aged due to peeling or scratched paint or a surface that constantly seems dirty? We at Super Shine Auto Detailing Center & Carwash can help you with a professional coat of Ceramic Pro. This high-performing paint protection coating creates a hard oxide layer that preserves the paint for a long time and prevents scratches, corrosion, and sun damage. Our coating lasts longer and requires no maintenance or frequent reapplication, thus saving you money and trouble.

Paint protection films have become essential in maintaining the flawless appearance of your vehicle and avoiding surface damage. We use the powerful SunTek Clear Bra PPFs to provide protection against rock chips, salt, bugs, road debris, and premature depreciation of your vehicle's paintwork. Also, we provide flexible solutions, from standard protection kits to a tailored full-vehicle PPF wrap. You can depend on us for a perfect finish as we use digital plotting technology to customize the PPF to your vehicle’s design and driving style.

Does your car’s paint look dull or have scratches and stains? Super Shine Auto Detailing Center & Carwash can restore the lustrous paint finish. Most vehicle manufacturers use water-based paints, which are prone to chipping, fading and staining. Polishing is an important step in paint correction. We also perform waxing to improve the paint’s resilience against the elements, thus preventing scratches and more. Protect your investment with our invisible paint protection packages.

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