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Protect Your Investment with Paint Protection Film in Calgary

Your vehicle’s paint is exposed daily to the many harmful elements of the road, including rocks, gravel, insects, salt in the Canadian winter, and other road debris. However, even the fresh coating of paint on a new car is not adequate: due to cost-cutting and environmentally friendly factors, vehicle manufacturers have unfortunately switched to water-based "green" paints. This new paint is softer and less durable.

As a result, many vehicle owners must protect their car's paint with paint protection film. Super Shine Auto Detailing Center & Carwash in Calgary offers this revolutionary type of film, which protects your car's paint from road hazards and keeps rock chips to a minimum. Don't let one of your biggest investments get damaged. Choose paint protection film to preserve your vehicle's paint!

Repainting is much more costly than preventing damage through a protective film. At Super Shine Auto Detailing Center & Carwash, we ensure accurate fit and flawless installation of paint protection film so that your vehicle’s front-facing surfaces, which are most exposed to daily wear and tear, are always protected. Using our on-site digital plotting technology, our certified installers guarantee a perfect fit and installation for every vehicle based on your coverage needs and budget. Contact us for more information.

At Super Shine Auto Detailing Center & Carwash, we offer outstanding products and the best value for money. One of them is SunTek™, a new product that offers breakthrough technology for paint protection applications. The film provides invisible protection from damage caused by salt, rocks, UV rays, insects, and road debris. This proprietary top-coat formulation is resistant to scratches and cracks and gives your car a high-gloss finish. Its self-healing property ensures that the scratches on the top coat are fixed promptly with applied heat. The Clear Bra PPF comes with lasting superior optical clarity and a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

Advantages of Paint Protection Film

Protection against damage from road debris and environmental elements.
Improved resale value of your vehicle.
Invisible film that preserves the finish of your paint.
No special maintenance required, and you may continue with standard cash washing.
Easily applied over vehicles’ paint without the use of chemical adhesives, fasteners, or drilling.
Lifetime warranty against bubbling, peeling, and yellowing.
Easy and safe to remove at any time.

Protect Your New Car

Get paint protection film before you take your newly purchased car out on the road.

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