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Protect and Improve Car Paint with Car Polishing and Waxing in Calgary

With time and use, the body of your car gets imperfections such as scratches, chips, scuffs and grime, and the paint begins to fade. At Super Shine Auto Detailing Center & Carwash, we specialize in preserving and restoring the “like new” state of paintwork with car polishing and waxing in Calgary. 

Our comprehensive paint correction and protection package can help you do away with defects on the clear coat covering the paintwork and bring back the aesthetic shine of the paint. 

Waxing also adds a layer of protection to prevent scratches and damage. Wax is applied in circular motions over the entire vehicle. After the wax has dried, it is given a high-gloss finish with a microfiber cloth. Your vehicle will look like it has just come out of the dealership! Book an appointment today, and let our professional detailers give your car a perfect polish and wax service.

At Super Shine Auto Detailing Center & Carwash, we not only undo paint damage but also restore your car’s exterior finish to its original glory. The treatment focuses on achieving a superior finish and adding years to your vehicle’s paint. Our experienced team will have your vehicle looking like a mirror. Our processes have been continually refined over the years and therefore we deliver the best quality polishing you can get anywhere.

Faded Paint?

Trust us to eliminate flaws and restore the original gloss of your car’s paint.

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